Keeping in line with our vision and core values, we continuously strive for new methodologies and modern technologies that not only improve efficiencies but also bring enhanced value to our clients. Few of such areas are listed here, where we have developed the capabilities.

HHT – Hand Held Terminals:

These are hand held devices (mobile phone look alike) that are linked to our server. These are uploaded with questionnaires and surveyors enter the survey responses directly on these terminals. After completion of the interview, the data is uploaded on the server wirelessly. These devices eliminate the need to printing paper questionnaires, manual data entry and thus saving huge amount of turnaround time for reporting to our clients.

GPS – Global Positioning System:

We have developed the capability to mark and provide GPS coordinates to our Clients of any location including stores, markets or any other. These GPS coordinates are marked using special devices and are provided on digital maps.



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