Our Field Network:

Our field network is capable of carrying out interviews throughout the country in every province, district, tehsil, city and village. Additionally, we have field coordination setup at regional localities (one of them being in Afghanistan) where fieldwork is managed for respective regions. Apart from our Head Office in Lahore, we have 2 regional offices in Karachi and Rawalpindi / Islamabad where bulk of the field work is managed from. We also have 8 regional coordination offices (one of them being in Kabul) where field work is managed for respective regions, rural areas and Afghanistan. We have capability of deploying more than 1,000 surveyors nationwide at any given time with operational control from more than 50 districts of Pakistan.

We have a team of trained surveyors who can conduct interviews with retailers / traders, consumers (males / females), shoppers, business & wholesalers.

Our Data Processing Capabilities:

Our data processing facility is second to none in the marketing research industry in Pakistan. We have centralized server-based data entry & processing setup that is extendable to over 100 terminals at any given time. We are the first research company in the country which has developed the facility of downloading and processing the data directly from the field with the use of Hand Held Terminals. We have state of the art servers and use up-to-date processing environments to process and deliver results to our clients in the shortest time possible.


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