Research Services:

Category Management at store level has gained considerable importance for FMCG organizations during the recent years. This is not only true for growing Modern Trade but also the traditional behind-the-counter stores. Implementing the issued plan-o-grams at stores and correct display of POS material are now essentials of sales teams’ performance. These efforts also result in a struggle amongst companies to gain better shelf space and shelf share. Better presence & impact at store means better chances of making the sale.

These changes in the store environment are beginning to have more and more impact on the shoppers and their behaviour. Shopper is exposed to more products and marketing communication than ever before. Shopping behaviour analyses identify the subtle triggers that help or hinder a shopper action at the point of purchase.

Our Research Services are customized to deliver insights that will help our clients optimize their Selling Performance at retail and secondly generate deep understanding & insights on Shopper Purchase and Usage behaviour. Our Research Services are generally tailored for each industry to fit their needs, however, these can be broadly categorised into the following types.

Point of Sale Performance:

These studies are designed to measure the Client’s sales and merchandising efforts at the store level and benchmarking against ‘best in class’ and/or competition. These include Merchandising & Shelf Display, Point of Sale Material availability, Shelf Share, Compliance to Client’s plan-o-gram etc. These studies help measure company’s performance against the set objectives or set new ones in view of own and competition’s performance.

Shopper Habits and Practices:

Finding out the factors that shoppers consider when making their purchase decisions and how to influence them is the key objective of these studies. We deliver strategic and tactical recommendations after analysing shopping trips and the decision making process from need to actual moment of truth.

Mystery Shopping:

Find out how your sales & services offices, retail outlets, restaurants, franchises or branches treat your walk-in customers. Mystery shopping is a way of finding out your Customer’s experience at your outlets or branches by sending in secret shoppers. We deliver actionable intelligence to our clients, helping to drive exceptional bottom-line performance. Considering the nature of our business, we recruit secret shoppers to undertake mystery shopping visits to their outlets.

Share and Distribution Performance Measurement:

Commonly known as Retail Audit, this service tracks key information on the performance of a brand in a given category, showing distribution penetration, market share, prevalent price levels etc. Our management team has extensive experience in designing and running this service. We can set up this service for any industry taking into account the peculiar characteristics of that market.

New Product Launch Measurement:

Distribution build up at retail, brand awareness, product trial and repeat purchase are the key measures that are critical for the success of a new product. We can develop surveys to provide comprehensive information to provide intelligence on the performance of new product in the marketplace.


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